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50 Shades Freed Book Summary

 50 Shades Freed Book Summary 50 Shades Freed Book Summary

In the 3rd book of the trilogy, Ana and Christian are married and appear to have it all.  Their lives are filled with love, passion, wealth and a deep intimate bond.  Despite all this, Ana knows that loving Christian is not such an easy task.  She knows that she has to sacrifice her own identity in order to be able to cope with Christian’s unique lifestyle.  At the same time, Christian is still battling with trying to overcome his urge to always be in control as he fights with the demons of his unusual past.

Christian still remains very secretive about his past, which does not seem to please Ana too much.   Despite the fact that Christian is still very controlling, Ana gains more courage to stand up to Christian both in and out of bed.  Obviously this does not stand to well with Christian and ends up getting her in trouble from time to time.  She continues to defy Christian’s orders and even decides to go out drinking with her friend Kate, after Christian clearly tells her not to.  Despite the fact that Ana continues to disregard Christian’s orders, she tells him to deal with it and that she would be more considerate of his controlling tendencies.  He then tells her that he would try as he puts his arm over his face.  Ana then lays her head on his chest as he gently combs his fingers through her hair.

At this point, Christian’s family has accepted her and her friend Kate ends up getting engaged to his brother Elliot.  Despite the fact that the intense sexual chemistry continues, Christian continues to keep Ana in the dark.  She asks Christian to talk to him as he calmly sighs and asks her about what?  She then conveys to him that he is keeping her in the dark.  His excuse is that he is only trying to protect her.  Ana tells him that she is not a child, and therefore does not feel the need to be protected.  Christian then does what he does best which is turn on his charm as he runs his hands down here body and cups her backside.

Ana come to terms with the fact that she does not want to resist him.  She wants him now, like she always has.  She feels submersed in his kisses and desires as the hot passion surges through her bloodstream.

Ana later discovers that she is pregnant with Christian’s baby.  This came as a big shock to Ana, as she feels unprepared and scared of how Christian will react.  She knew that having a child would change their lives completely.   It actually turns out to be a big deal when she ends up telling Christian because he went nuts!  He knows he’s had a bad life and that he has no trust in himself.  This leads him to believe that he would not be such a good father and that he would have to share Ana with the baby.  This is something he truly did not want to do.  As a result, he leaves to go get drunk and ends up drinking with Elena Robinson.  Ana later finds out when he comes home really drunk and she decides to put him to bed.  As she is putting him to bed, his Blackberry falls out of his pocket, and she ends up reading her text message.  The text said “you’ll make a great father.”

Ana then ends up getting mad because she thinks that he went to discuss his problems with Elena instead of with her.  Ana ends up spending the night locked in the play room.  The next morning, she finds Christian frantically looking for her, thinking she had ran away.  The fact of the matter is that Christian is very concerned about the fact that Ana would choose the baby over him.  Ana later tells him that she would the baby over him, which is something his mother should have done with him.  The truth is that a baby does not deserve to be aborted or ignored and he realizes where Ana is coming from.  He then ends up falling for her even more because of the way she thinks, and the fact that she is able to stand up for herself when she knows she’s doing the right think.  He likes the fact that she can hold her own.

The story then continues when Ana ends up pregnant with her second child.  By this time, their first son Ted is about 2 years old.  Christian has also turned into a caring and loving father.  He ends up being a great family man and a dedicated husband; or does he?  Sorry, but you’re just gonna have to read the book to find out.  I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for you…

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